Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of http://litetext.net/ and the mobile application of http://litetext.net

The content in this page is the terms of service and privacy policy for http://litetext.net/
By creating an account in http://litetext.net/ you agree to the following terms: http://litetext.net/ could be taken down at any moment without warning.

You must be at least 13 years old to use this website.

Email Notifications:
Emails may be regularly sent to your email to notify you about updates regarding http://litetext.net/ and to let you know of messages sent to you through the application.

Marco De Anda (copyright holder of http://litetext.net/) is not responsible nor liable of any user generated content found in messages, accounts, usernames, passwords, or profile pictures made by the users of http:// litetext.net/. By making an account on http://litetext.net/ you are responsible of the content in the messages you send and of the content found in your username.

These terms may be updated at any time and it is your responsibility to read the terms regularly.
It is your responsibility to keep your account’s login information secure.

1. Messages:
Messages sent on http://litetext.net/ may permanently remain on http:// litetext.net/, however, certain or all messages on http://litetext.net/ could be deleted at any time without previous warning.
You are responsible of the content in the messages you send.

2. Users/Accounts:
Accounts made on http://litetext.net/ may permanently remain on http:// litetext.net/, however, certain or all accounts on http://litetext.net/ could be disabled/deleted at any time without previous warning.
The username and profile picture of your account in http://litetext.net/: (the following information is considered inappropriate until the “.”)
MUST NOT CONTAIN any offensive content against a certain group of people,
MUST NOT CONTAIN any graphic images.
If your username and / or profile picture is found to contain any of the previously stated as inappropriate, your account will be disabled.

3. Copyright:
The website found on the following domain: http://litetext.net/ is copyright of Marco De Anda, this, however, does not include any user generated content in messages and account information, including profile pictures, as any content found in messages and account information belong to the user that created them, this means that users are responsible of their messages and account information.

4. Privacy Policy:
All usernames and profile pictures found on http://litetext.net/ are accessible to the public.
Usernames and profile pictures may remain permanently in http://litetext.net/, therefore, you are responsible that the content found in your username and profile picture does not contain any private information.

5. Information policy:
You are responsible for keeping your email and password secure.
Your real name will be visible to your contacts only.
http://litetext.net/ may contain cookies.
Please note that http://litetext.net/ may have glitches and bugs, therefore, if you find a glitch or a bug please let me know by sending an email to: support@litetext.net